Old News Archive

This page contains an archive of old news items that were previously posted to the home page. Note that this page was recently created and there is only one archived entry for March 2020. More will be added in the future as older notices are moved onto this page from the homepage. [Return Home]

2021 Announcement Archives

  • BILLING CORRECTION. There was an error in the Jan 1 bill. Please see the Member Resources page or check your email for more information. Thanks. (11 Jan 2021)

2020 Announcement Archives

  • NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS. Find out more about our “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program on the members only page. (31 Dec 2020)
  • ANNUAL MEETING. The River Heights annual meeting will be held 13 Oct 2020 at 7:00 PM. [More…]
  • DEBRIS REMOVAL (17 Aug 2020). “We do hope you are doing well as we try to put River Heights back together. We have identified two independent contractors who are willing to remove debris from individual properties. These folks have agreed to come out over the next few weeks and remove any branches or other waste as it is placed on the edge of your property along the street.” [More…]
  • WATER UPDATE (13 Aug 2020). “Dear RHPOA Members, Some property owners are reporting low water pressure this morning. We are looking into it. In the meantime, please be mindful about use…perhaps by altering your usual consumption or time of use.” [More…]
  • WATER NOTIFICATION (11 Aug 2020). “Our larger water pumping system is running at half capacity right now due to storm-related electric outages. So, it’s important that everyone conserve on water usage to avoid emptying the water tanks — no washing the car, watering the yard, etc. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks.” ~ RHPOA Board
  • CAUTION – Power Lines Down (10 Aug 2020). “As you are aware we have had a number of branches and trees fall down and some of them have hit power-lines. Mid American has been called and we are hopeful they can come out as soon as possible. Most important, there is a powerline down on Dubuque Street at Lakeview Drive. there is a sheriff there and You cannot pass in either direction. The wire is still live.” ~ RHPOA Board
  • River Heights News (25 Jun 2020). Please take a moment to read the latest River Heights News update with details about the recent board meeting, articles and bylaws, water quality report, and 4th of July plans. [View]
  • Refuse and Recycling Cart Replacement. Please read the April 28 update on the new bins for refuse and recycling. [View]
  • Waste and Recycling Notice. Please review the April 19 update on waste and recycling. [View]
  • Recycling Update. Additional news about recycling is in our April 6 update. [View]
  • Staying Informed. Be sure to make use of our three methods of staying informed. Read update from April 6 for more details. [View]
  • Facebook Group. If you use Facebook frequently, please consider joining our private Facebook group for general news, important announcements, and discussion. Request to join and we will approve your request as soon as possible. [Join] (3 Apr 2020)
  • Important. To receive important news and announcements, please subscribe or confirm your email subscription. [Subscribe] (1 Apr 2020)
  • Website. We will be redesigning our website in the coming weeks. These changes will happen over time, but should not disrupt the website function or ease-of-use. (18 Mar 2020)
  • Hydrant Flushing. We are planning on flushing hydrants on Thursday, 2 Apr 2020. There maybe some discoloration in the system but it should be temporary and not harmful. The flushing will begin at Highview and proceed from there. Those with questions can contact Dick Donahue. (1 Apr 2020)
  • Recycling. Johnson County Refuse will not be collecting recycling for the time being due to the COVID and having direct contact with all the recycling items. They have also asked for us to not put any loose trash inside our trash bins. All trash should be inside bags. Thanks! (31 Mar 2020)
  • Newsletter. Our most recent news update from 23 March 2020 is now available to read online. [View] (23 Mar 2020)
  • Website. We will be redesigning our website in the coming weeks. These changes will happen over time, but should not disrupt the website function or ease-of-use. (18 Mar 2020)