Hey Folks,

We do hope you are doing well as we try to put River Heights back together.

We have identified two independent contractors who are willing to remove debris from individual properties. These folks have agreed to come out over the next few weeks and remove any branches or other waste as it is placed on the edge of your property along the street. They will haul the waste away instead of sitting in front of your house and chipping it.

If you have waste that too heavy for you to move to the curb, the contractors indicated they would be willing to help you remove it but do not guarantee they can do so (as it may be too heavy or inaccessible).

Anyway, if you are interested in having your debris removed, please reply to this email by Tuesday (tomorrow night). When you do reply, please let me know your name, the number your house and the knoll you live on.

I will pass the individual house numbers along and the contractors then will come by your house and remove debris in the next few weeks.

As far a billing goes, then contractors will record how much time they spend at your house. When they finish, they will submit a invoice to the RHPOA and the association will pay them directly. We will add your individual cost to your next assessment and you can pay us back at that time.

I currently am negotiating the hourly rate and expect it will fall between $30 and $50 per hour inclusive of all their costs (paying for chain saw gas, hauling to dump, etc). I have been told this is a good rate regardless.

Please note: I will not be able confirm the rate until I get a final list of people who want to use this service (i.e., the more people who want to use them, the lower the hourly rate).

If you have any questions, you can contact me.

I also encouraged the Knoll Reps to get out and help with this as I know some people are without internet.

Again, if you want to have your debris removed, reply to this email by tomorrow night – Tuesday.

We then will contact you directly with more specifics regarding pick up and rates.

Brian Kaskie