Upon review and approval of the RHPOA Board of Directors, we wish to inform you that the RHPOA refuse and recycling removal fee will be raised to $20 per month starting May 1, 2020.

At that time, Johnson County Refuse will be removing the red and green recycling bins and replacing them with two 65-gallon Carts, one with a yellow lid designated for all recycling (i.e., paper, plastic, glass all go into same cart) and the other for trash. These new carts are designed to be picked up by a truck with a mechanical arm, and as such, you no longer can use your current bins or garbage containers.

The Carts will be delivered by the first week in May. 

NOTE:  If you would prefer a 95 gallon Cart for either refuse or recycling or both, please email John Gross directly at johngross43@gmail.com  There is no extra charge if you want one of these larger options. If you are not sure if you need a 95 gallon cart, you can go by 4 Brickwood Knoll (at the bottom of Lakeview Drive) to look at the two Cart sizes.  

If you want a 95 gallon cart, you must email John by Saturday April 25.
Otherwise, you will get the two standard 65 gallon Carts.


If you have large items you wish disposed of like furniture, you may call Johnson County Refuse at 665-4498, and they may pick up for an additional fee.  

For yard waste you can purchase large paper yard waste bags with the JCR red logo at the North Liberty HYVEE or TruValue hardware store and put them out with the Carts.

Holiday trees and other items will be picked up on a specific day in January only.  We will send a notice of that when it is decided.

Each RHPOA homeowner has a 2,000 pound annual allowance at the Iowa City Landfill, paid by the County. When disposing of waste at the Landfill, when you weigh in identify yourself as a county resident, then when weighing out you will be told how many pounds you have remailing for the current year.  

If you are dumping yard waste, including trees, there is no fee, just drive past the scale and dump it in the pile ahead of you and drive out.  There are also free wood chips available and compost for a fee. For that arrange with the Scale clerk for assistance loading.

The Landfill does not accept appliances.