Refuse and Recycling 

DEBRIS REMOVAL (17 Aug 2020). “We do hope you are doing well as we try to put River Heights back together. We have identified two independent contractors who are willing to remove debris from individual properties. These folks have agreed to come out over the next few weeks and remove any branches or other waste as it is placed on the edge of your property along the street.” [More…]

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General Information

Johnson County Refuse Inc.
Steve Smith, Owner/Operator
319-828-4498 Business, 319-330-1726 Mobile
Pickup: Early Tuesday mornings even after Monday holidays
Only delayed on Tuesday holidays
Yard waste Must be bagged and have a North Liberty landfill tag on it.  These can be purchased for $1 per bag at the North Liberty City Hall or at the North Liberty Holiday market.  The material will generally be hauled away on regular trash day.

Recycling Guide for RED Recycling Bin
Plastics, Metal, Glass, and Cardboard in RED Container.

Plastics Plastic bottle and dish containers with the recycle emblem #1-7 on bottom. Containers washed clean and co-mingled in container.
Metal Tin and aluminum food and beverage cans.
Glass Labels must be removed and washed clean and co-mingled in container.
Cardboard Corrugated or chip-board cardboard.
All cardboard must be flattened.
Large cardboard cut down into 2’x2′ pieces.

Recycling Guide for GREEN Recycling Bin
Paper only in GREEN Container.

Paper Newspaper, magazines, phonebooks, junk-mail, computer paper and envelopes. Books: Softcover: yes; Hardcover: remove hard cover first; put covers in trash.
Styrofoam products, plastic bags – toys, broken glass, window or mirror glass, cardboard not broken down, tissue paper, and paper plates.
Christmas trees may be taken to the Iowa City Landfill free of charge. Wreaths and garland free of wire will also be accepted at no charge. (2005)

Where can I dispose of HAZARDOUS WASTE? CLICK HERE

Hazardous Waste Collection

Iowa City Landfill & Recycling Center

3900 Hebl Avenue SW, Iowa City, IA 52240

Ph: 319-356-5185

A Hazardous Waste Collection Facility is now open, as part of the newly constructed Iowa City Recycling Center. The facility is located at the Iowa City Landfill, 3900 Hebl Avenue (continue on Melrose Avenue about 2 miles west of Iowa City).

Call for appointments anytime during regular office hours: 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday-Saturday.

No appointments needed for Swap Shop visits.

Appointment times available for Drop-Off: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays 7:00 AM – 1:00 PM


• City Carton Recycling – 3 East Benton Street
Newspaper, white paper, corrugated cardboard, glass (clear, brown, green), #1 through #7 plastics, metal cans, magazines, chipboard (cereal boxes), phone books
• Hy-Vee Food Store – 1201 North Dodge Street
Newspaper, glass (clear, brown, green), #1 through #7 plastics, metal cans
• Eastdale Plaza – 1st Avenue and Lower Muscatine Road
Newspaper, #1 through #7 plastics
• Drugtown – 301 N. First Avenue
Newspapers, #1 through #7 plastics
• Iowa City Landfill & Recycle Center – 3900 Hebl Avenue SW, Iowa City
Newspaper, white paper, corrugated cardboard, glass (clear, brown, green), #1 through #7 plastics, metal cans, chipboard (cereal boxes), phone books