Racquet Club  – Rules

Here are the rules and guidlines for membership and use of the courts. [Return to Racquet Club page.]

  • Access. Members may access the tennis courts by a path along the Northeast side of the upper pond or by an access easement between 36 and 37 Lakeview Knoll NE.
  • Clean-Up. Members will be invited to participate in clean-up activities each Spring — cleaning the courts, clearing brush, trimming trees, spraying weeds.
  • Cost. The original memberships cost $2,000 to develop the tennis courts. Current memberships cost only $500.
  • Dues. Each member is expected to pay annual dues at a rate established at the Annual Meeting. Dues are payable in January. No dues are payable for the calendar year in which a member joins the Club.
  • Equipment. The tennis court equipment includes: two wooden benches, a patio bench. electrical outlets, two power cords, a push broom, two squeegees, two roll-dries, a leaf blower, and a first aid kit.
  • Family Memberships. All Club memberships are family memberships, including all family members residing at the same address and students returning home from school. Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable, except a member may transfer a membership to the buyer of the member’s home if the buyer signs an RHRC Membership Application form and timely pays the first annual dues.
  • Guests. Members’ guests may use the courts only if accompanied by a member.
  • Keys. Each member will be issued two keys to the padlocks on the gates. Gates must be locked when members leave the courts.
  • Parking. The designated parking area for tennis players is located next to the lower pond at 9 Lakeview Drive.
  • Reservations. Members may reserve the courts for specific times on a schedule kept in a plastic box in the patio bench on the tennis courts.
  • Trash. Members are asked to take home whatever they bring to the courts in order to reduce the amount of trash left at the courts.
  • Use of Courts. The tennis courts may be used only between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Wheeled vehicles and skates are not permitted on the courts.

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