The following is from Carter Johnson, Bur Oak Land Trust specialist on invasive species.

The Invasive Species Control Database is a collection of information control practices that have been tried for a wide range of invasive species in the US.  If you select Start Search followed by selecting common name search there is a pull down menu of all species that are included in the database.  I find this resource very helpful.  I’ll also note that there is information on most, if not all, of the species you are likely to find in your common areas.

There was a question about herbicides for control of non-native bittersweet.  I recommend products with the active ingredient triclopyr.  Some useful formulations include: Garlon 4Garlon 3A, and Pathfinder II.

Finally, the DNR District Forester, Mark Vitosh, is an excellent reference for forest stewardship plans and information on local contractors. His work cell phone number is:  563-260-0319