Water Service


  • WATER NOTIFICATION (11 Aug 2020). “Our larger water pumping system is running at half capacity right now due to storm-related electric outages. So, it’s important that everyone conserve on water usage to avoid emptying the water tanks — no washing the car, watering the yard, etc. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks.” ~ RHPOA Board
  • It’s now possible to submit your water meter reading online using the form below. (19 Apr 2020)
  • The water quality report for 2019 is now available on the Member Resources page. (12 Mar 2020)
  • In the board meeting of 15 Jan 2020, Warren Knarr reported that the regular water testing shows that the water is of good quality and safe to drink. (15 Jan 2020)

Water Meter Reading

It is now possible to submit your water reading online. Visit the Member Resources page for more information. You will need to apply for access to the Member Resources page first.